From Concentrates to Flower: Top-Notch Cannabis Products at 3D Cannabis Center

Welcome back to our blog! At 3D Salida marijuana dispensary, we’re a crew of passionate cannabis lovers who’ve turned our obsession into your next best experience. We’re all about pushing the envelope, exploring the new, and celebrating the classic. From the smoothest, most flavorful hits to the cleanest, mind-blowing dabs, we’ve handpicked our collection to ensure there’s something for every taste, every mood, and every moment. In this blog, we’ll highlight the best of the best on our menu so you can take your cannabis game to the next level.


We take the art of bud seriously. Each strain we carry is curated to blow your mind with every puff. Dive into our garden of earthly delights, and find your perfect pick.

  • Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake is a crowd-pleasing powerhouse. Known for its rich, tangy flavor and undertones of earthy pepper, this Indica-dominant hybrid brings you a profound sense of relaxation coupled with a euphoric buzz that’s made for unwinding after a long day or sparking creativity.  Whether you’re looking to ease stress, find relief from pain, or just kick back and enjoy a blissful evening, Wedding Cake is a go-to choice.

  • Sour Fritter #3 Pre-Rolls

Sour Fritter #3 is one of those strains that immediately grabs your attention the moment you lay eyes (and nose) on it. This strain is celebrated for its unique blend of sour, fruity aromas with a hint of diesel. It’s a balanced hybrid that offers the best of both worlds – an uplifting cerebral high that gradually melts into a soothing, relaxed state. The best part is we offer it in pre-roll form, meaning you can easily take this instant classic on the go. 


In the world of edibles, we’re all about bringing you bites that hit just right. Our lineup of flavor-packed, vibe-boosting edibles will get you cruising on a mellow ride or taking a deep dive into bliss. Get ready to taste the high life – literally.

  • WYLD Gummies

We love WYLD Gummies so much, we couldn’t pick just one. From the refreshing zest of Raspberry to the serene blend of Huckleberry, every WYLD gummy is a small batch of wilderness, ready to guide you through a world of subtle, sophisticated highs. Made from all-natural real fruit, WYLD gummies have the pure joy of nature come together in every bite.

  • Black Cherry Bomb Yetibles

Black Cherry Bomb Yetibles offer a burst of deep, dark cherry flavor paired with a potent cannabis infusion that’s as powerful as it is delicious. These edibles are perfect for unwinding after a long day, looking to enhance a social gathering, or simply indulging in a moment of sweet, serene bliss. These edibles prove there’s always time for a little bit of a bomb-dropping adventure.


Vapes are all about sleek hits and smooth sessions. Each cartridge and disposable on our menu is crafted to deliver pure, concentrated bliss. Whether you’re chasing the clearest head-high or the deepest body melt, our vapes are dialed in to elevate your experience.

  • Banana Flambe Disposable Vape

The Banana Flambe Disposable Vape from Packwoods is where convenience meets the exotic essence of tropical flavors. Infused with the tantalizing taste of ripe bananas with a hint of sweet and smoky flambe, this vape delivers a smooth, flavorful experience that lights up your taste buds and soothes the soul.

  • Secret Mintz Vape Cartridge

The Secret Mintz Vape Cartridge from TasteBudz is a burst of minty freshness combined with the deep, mysterious undertones of a premium cannabis blend. Each puff is a carefully calibrated dance of cool mint and subtle herbal notes, making it a top choice for those moments when you seek clarity, invigoration, or a refreshing escape from the mundane.


Last but definitely not least, check out our collection of concentrates, where the power of cannabis is packed into moments of pure, explosive bliss. Our crystal-clear shatters, rich waxes, and aromatic live resins are the best way to discover higher heights and deeper relaxation.

cannabis extract badder


  • Raspberry Live Badder

Raspberry Live Badder by Green Dot Labs combines the lush, vibrant essence of ripe raspberries with the rich, full-bodied experience of premium live badder. Crafted from freshly harvested cannabis that’s frozen immediately to preserve terpenes and cannabinoids, Raspberry Live Badder offers a purity and depth of flavor that’s on another level.

  • Silly Goose Sugar Wax

Silly Goose Sugar Wax by Bud Fox is a playful yet potent concentrate that’s quickly becoming a favorite among those who appreciate a high-quality, nuanced cannabis experience. This sugar wax is known for its crystalline, granular texture that resembles wet sugar. Like the name suggests, you’re in for lighthearted, euphoric effects that will make any day a little bit sillier.


Come Discover the Wide Selection of Premium Products at 3D Salida Recreational Cannabis Dispensary!

Whether you’re drawn to the complex flavors of our strains, the rich indulgence of our edibles, the discreet pleasure of our vapes, or the intense purity of our concentrates, 3D Salida has everything you’re looking for and everything you didn’t know you needed. 


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*The contents of this blog are intended for informational purposes only. Always seek the advice of a physician or other qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.*

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